This website is undergoing massive transformation. Please forgive the mess. The blog contains new channeled messages (starting May 2017). That’s probably the best place to start at the moment.

Thank you for dropping by!

Sunflower Mystic is a sacred space, online, for people of all faiths, colors, nations and economic backgrounds to find the divine truth of their own hearts.

This website is fertile ground, were we can all come together to align with Source, Spirit, Higher Self, All-That-Is, Divine Ordinance, God-By-Any-Name, One’s Own Perfect Vision.

It’s all inside each and every one of us.

This may not seem so at first, when we look at a Hitler or a kangaroo. But all life forms are an expression of Divine Intelligence, from ants to trees to human beings who are in so much pain that they hurt others by the millions.

Life on Earth is more than a passing fancy. It is a deep understanding between expressions of God, joined together in a grand exploration of individuality, connectivity, separation, and remembrance of oneness.

If you are in pain — whether lightly or extensively — take a seat and click on a meditation. Come back often, listen daily.

As surely as I know myself to be here on this planet to assist you in transmuting your pain and transforming your life, I know that if you return here often, you will gradually see your grievances, obstacles, difficult emotions and physical contractions dissolve and unwind, bit by bit, into a life of ease and flow, gratefulness and joy.

However distant this idea may seem to you at the moment, I ask you to trust this endeavor, in which we embark together.

It is possible.

It can happen for you too.

And if all that happens today is a slight relief of just one issue in your life, then the journey has started, and all of the Uni-Verse applauds and supports your quiet decision and simple action in a direction that is in alignment with your own spiritual beauty.

Here are a few choices:

Meditating When You're Feeling Sick Finding a Moment of Rest ~ A FREE Guided Meditation Why Me? ~ A FREE Audio Meditation

[link to Meditating When You’re Feeling Sick]

[link to Finding a Moment of Rest] (in the here and now in every moment)

[link to Why Me? Meditation] (out of self-victimization and into trust)