Who I Am & Why I’m Here

[written July 2016 / edited May 2017]

Perhaps, most of all, I seek healing. The kind of deep, spiritual, emotional and physical healing that comes from true acceptance of my whole self.

And does not rely on complete sentences.

Mmm… I’m a writer. Can’t you tell?

It’s the greatest irony of my life, really. For a long time writing was such an ingrained part of my being… my way to understand life and people, my way to make a point, to get a scholarship, grant, opportunity, job, gig, boyfriend even… my heart’s true way.

Yet for much of my life I overlooked this keystone of who and what I am almost completely. I took the act of writing for granted and dismissed its potential as a professional option, while focusing on my chosen career in dance.

I liked to write, but I needed to dance.

Ten years ago this summer, though, the structures of my life (including my body) started to fall apart. Sometimes aware of what was going on with me, and at other times quite unconscious, I stumbled my way through a bizarre decade of change, pain and discovery.

This blog is an attempt to ratify the injury that I (and others) have inflicted, over time, upon the expressive and creative parts of me. It is a massive mission towards personal and planetary wholeness. It is me coming into alignment with myself, and shedding all that no longer serves the highest good of who and what I am.


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7 thoughts on “Who I Am & Why I’m Here

    • Thanks Ryo! As an introvert and a lifelong writer, I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to plunge into blogging. It seems like the perfect medium for me. I hope you continue to open up and discover the power of your own voice!

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