Poetic Justice : Arriving


The blessing of asking and receiving is greater than thought.

It travels on currents of beyond-boundaries.

The place of allowing, waiting without waiting, and receiving in fullness. This. The Sanctuary.

The home of no place, everywhere the body goes, a moment in time.

Every moment, please.

Please, please, please, pretty please.



I arrive every once in a while.

I listen but sometimes my ears are caked with the mud of living.

I sit down, I clean them.



Arriving at the Sanctuary is not possible without asking.

Ask for the right thing. Ask to know it when you see it. Ask with heart, ask with body, ask with soul.

Ask to WANT for the right thing. Or want for nothing and be peace.

Let go, let be.

Fly into the rising sun of possibility beyond imagining.

Give up all hope and receive all blessings.

One thought on “Poetic Justice : Arriving

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