Sanctuary on the Spiritual Path

“Somewhere along your journey, it can happen to you — if you choose it. God will ambush you with an invitation to stand in His presence, to come closer, to see further. I call this experience Sanctuary.”  ~ Bruce Wilkinson, The Dream Giver

I recently finished reading the book quoted above. It popped out of the shelf, from a random collection of spiritual books, at the small church gathering I attend every once in a while.

I’m not religious.

Dogma is not my thing.

And when I hear the word God, I instinctively translate it into my own understanding of Infinite & Divine Intelligence, a.k.a. The Consciousness of Everything.

God is definitely not a man, and I find pronouns like His and Him to be an erroneous literary construct. I would prefer gender neutral pronouns, perhaps ones reserved just for Divine Source.

But never mind that. God’s words are always delivered according to the perspective of the messenger. Listening with an open mind and a present heart allows us — anyone… everyone — to receive the gifts of the message.

Bruce Wilkinson is definitely in touch with the Divine, and his book The Dream Giver is full of blessings and healing. I thank him for writing it, and for leading the life he has led, in order that he might fulfill his Soul’s mission on this planet at this time.

Walking the path of one’s true purpose on Earth requires a lot of patience, persistence, asking, receiving, allowing, trusting, sweat, grime & tears. Wilkinson talks about Sanctuary as one of the stages on this path.

Too often, the mud of living clings to our faces, slows our footsteps and blurs our vision.

Sanctuary washes it away.

“Most Dreamers emerge from the WasteLand feeling spiritually and emotionally depleted. Our relationship with God has been tested and, in many cases, damaged by distrust. Often we’re in worse shape than we realize.

What our spirits desperately need is time away for comfort, restoration, and transformation. (…)

Unlike the previous stages of your journey, Sanctuary is an oasis, not an obstacle. It’s a pause where you’re invited to meet with God to be renewed and to make decisions that will radically affect the rest of your journey.”  ~ Bruce Wilkinson, The Dream Giver

At the beginning of this week, my WordPress Blog Reader offered me this one-word prompt as inspiration:


Serendipity coalesced in that one moment of reading that one word, with Wilkinson’s book sitting right in front of my face, between myself and the computer.

Finding flow in life requires that we pay attention to what shows up. Small “coincidences” are just Divine Intelligence orchestrating things just so… speaking to us directly, in our own inner language. However nuanced the message, you can bet it’ll come to you in signs and symbols, times and tempos, styles and patterns that make perfect sense to you. And only to you.

I have often made the mistake of trying to convey my own heavenly messages to my spouse. But they lose most of their meaning in translation. The significance of God’s images, songs, sights, conversations, or one-word prompts, when meant for a single perspective — for a single human being — involve such a complex use of context, history and right timing, that no one else would ever be able to derive the same meaning from exactly the same message.

God is personal.

I find that so, too, is Sanctuary.

2 thoughts on “Sanctuary on the Spiritual Path

  1. Very nicely put. I myself was brought up Methodist and in a Catholic school, have found truth in Buddism and feel that “God” is within everyone, in it’s own way. Meeting life, it’s gifts as much as it’s challenges with a pure compassionate heart, forbarence and truthfulness, will find the “flow” you were refering to. That might sound easier than it is, but everyone has the chance of finding their path and place in this Universe.

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