The Dance Approach

I came to the keyboard with a drive bordering on anger. It’s been one of those days, where I procrastinated so creatively that even my computer was fooled into thinking I was moving forward with my divine calling and true heart’s work.

Keeping busy is not the same as being productive, though. And today, I am guilty of the former, not the latter.

What to do?

Reset and try again.

The Big & Scary Task at Hand?

To open an old, unfinished manuscript in all its messy glory, read through the damn thing and write 1000 new words.

The truth is that digging through skeletons in the closet is no easy task.

Whether these are childhood traumas or creative projects, diving into the dusty corners of our innermost selves can be just plain freeze-frame scary.

It takes a certain amount of patient perseverance, sometimes… dancing around the thing… measuring its claws and jaws and our own bravery meter. It’s okay. The approach is also a part of the real work.

As is setting aside time for it.

Real time. Safe and sacred time.

Creating a container. For creative consciousness. For cognitive construction.

The way I see it, there is only one way to approach a difficult task, no matter what it is: in circles and spirals and sideways swinging steps in synch with supportive musical vibes. I’m not a fan of toughing anything out, grabbing any bull by its horns, or squarely facing any music.

I’m a dancer and a healer who believes in the power of the feminine principle. Softly and gently go further for me, in any endeavor, than a hard and furious approach. So in order to rescue the writer in me, I’ve adopted a self-nurturing attitude.

I set up some semblance of sacred space in the very messy room where my computer is located. I declutter my desk. My browser. My mind.

I look for the organic way into my old manuscript. Feeling good about the process is important, because no writing habit will ever be born out of feeling cranky, lousy or disconnected from what I’m doing.

  1. Mental space = right environment + time.
  2. To enter “the zone” one must nurture the pathways in.
  3. Being momentarily terrified of jumping in is quite alright.

I set the scene. I tell myself that if I chicken out today, there’s always tomorrow. I’m getting closer just by approaching it.

I know that my old sci-fi manuscript will still be waiting for me when I finally get through dancing around it.

Sometimes, an actual physical dance to very loud music helps too. It shakes the inner cobwebs off.



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