On the idea of The Space Between Stories, coined by Charles Eisenstein

A Personal Reflection

My own space between stories is quite foggy. Sometimes I see one horizon, sometimes another. The new world I find myself in shows itself only in bits and pieces.

I walk in one direction, then I walk in another direction. I put one foot in front of the other. Sometimes I walk in circles.

Zig-zags have also become a favorite pattern.

It almost doesn’t matter anymore where I get to or what direction I’m facing. As long as I keep moving, I’m okay. Getting stuck is the great soul death.

::   ::   ::

Leaving one world behind and embracing a new one isn’t always so easy, even when it is deeply wanted. And so I must have faith. Patience and perseverance are a part of faith. So are eagerness, willingness, ease, allowance and openness.

Faith is a gentle thing. For a rope walker or deep sea diver, faith is a product of practice and trust. And so it is, for anything or anyone. Practice creates trust in oneself — trust that a thing can be attempted, and that it can be returned to and attempted again. Nothing more is needed.

So to shed an old world or an old life, make attempts at the new one that calls your name. Over and over, with patience, eagerness, willingness, perseverance, ease, allowance and openness.

Change will come.

Maybe not as fast as one wishes.

The space in between stories is tough to navigate, and not knowing where you are can feel uncomfortable. New territory brings up fears and insecurities. This is normal.

::   ::   ::

I’ve wandered around for a great while now.

This blog has been a reflection of that, with a fluid identity and focus that have wandered around as equally — seemingly with nothing solid to hold on to.

No more wandering.

I’m sitting my butt down — call it work, if you must… but it feels more like life.

I had to stop seeking fulfillment outside of myself, and instead look within and remember my true nature.

Listening to my own heart, I know who I am.

I rest in this, as I meander through and enjoy my own space between stories.

Blessed Be,

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