How to Find Purity and Clarity in the Experience of Channeling: The 3 Key Concepts for Delivering Truth

NOTE:  I channel Sananda. The following downloaded transmission is part of a series that was transcribed during March/April 2017. They will be published here on this blog, in the order in which they were received.

~ Sunflower Mystic

Sananda Speaks:

A channel is just a person who listens without judgement, without preconception and with great discernment.

Let’s visit the first idea: without judgement.

This means that a lifetime of accumulated information may or may not help with the translation, documentation, exposition, description and explanation of what is being transmitted through the channel.

One must be open to entirely new thoughts, feelings and sensations. One must accept what is received during channeling, in complete freedom from the desire to rewrite it prior to communicating it.

“Without judgement” means that the instrument is fully available: all of the languages it speaks, all of the book knowledge, street smarts and accumulated life experiences it has gathered. These are all at the fingertips of expression during channeling.

Judge not what is received, simply deliver it as cleanly and clearly as possible.

Let’s visit the next idea: without preconception.

As a channel, if you bring preformed ideas to a channeling session — ideas of what you are supposed to be bringing in, or ideas of what you expect to receive — then the transmission becomes clogged and impure.

Solid ideas about what is true and what is untrue also get in the way of new revelations coming forth. A blank mind is the best canvas for clear channeling. Meditation is key in this respect.

A belief system is a set of ideas that are congealed. What is frozen must be thawed, in order for there to be room for growth and maneuverability. Had the world been flat for everyone in Europe during the Middle Ages, no one would ever have sailed towards the horizon.

By breaking your own mold, you become a free and clear channel.

And last but (by far) not least: with great discernment.

This is the most subtle yet the most important key to channeling. There are a few different levels of discernment we must cover.

First, who or what are you channeling? Always make sure to ask.

Ground yourself through whatever means you know best. Shield yourself with God, with Pure Light, with Angels or with Reiki Energy. Use ancient words of wisdom, safety and protection. Seek for Christ Consciousness or Buddha Mind or the equivalent in whatever religion has brought you this far. Create your sacred space.

Then, with authority (but also without preconception and without judgement), ask for the identity of that which you channel. If you are truly open and accepting, you will always receive the truth.

When there is nothing left for you to resist, then the truth flows through you. In other words, when there is nothing there for a trickster to push against, they reveal themselves.

Second, are you free and clear of influences?

On the physical level, there are the obvious obstacles that sometimes pretend to assist in channeling: alcohol, psycho-active drugs such as mushrooms or acid, recreational drugs such as marijuana or DMT, other prescription and nonprescription medicines, and addictions of all kinds, from sexual to shopping.

The presence of such substances, or the desire to experience an altered chemistry of the body through actions of addiction, creates an imbalance. Without balance, clear channeling is not possible.

Imagine for a moment a balloon, that instead of peacefully flying through the air and taking in the wide vista and landscape below, is tossed this way and that, up into thick clouds and down low to the ground… pushed fast in one horizontal direction or another… in essence, going for a joy ride.

Channeling is not a joy ride. It is a peaceful and balanced flight.

On the nonphysical level there are energies, entities and thought-forms to shed. If the channel is under the influence of a family member’s hatred, a discarnate spirit who remains attached to the physical realm, or the negative vibrations of a group mind generated by politics or television, then the human channel is not clear, and may cause great harm by channeling.

While the presence of such things are inevitable at this juncture on Earth, their influence upon any one person is a matter of choice and personal power. When wielded wisely, one’s free will can and does dissipate and eradicate all undesirable influence. For a conscious channel, this is key. Otherwise, harm is done.

To remove influence of the nonphysical sort, simply connect, wholeheartedly, to God / Source / Divine Intelligence / The One Beloved Radiance of All. Then surrender both self and all that is attached to self. Give fully of your pains, doubts, desires, filters and love. Ask for clarity.

“May I Be a Clear Channel, In the Light of Oneness, With Clear Vision of Duality, But Not a Part of It. For a Moment, May I Be Able to See How It Is We Came to Be As We Are. May this Body Be an Instrument for the Delivery of Truth. And So It Is.”

While these words may not resonate with you, yet translate them into your own heart’s divine song. They are what is needed at a time of great unwinding and transition. The planet is at risk of losing it’s most treasured offspring: Man Kind.

So that many rivers’ worth of divine knowing and the blessings of guidance be poured forth, may all channels gain clarity, and proceed to turn from tricksters to truth.

Third, are you fully and truly only yourself?

In this age of transition and trauma it is common to experience soul fragmentation. This happens when a part or piece of one’s energy matrix becomes detached from the system known, in the flesh, as that one person. This disconnection happens in light of traumas both great and small.

In truth, there is no such thing as a small trauma. The heart feels deeply, and empathizes widely with the suffering of others. A small betrayal of love or loyalty is yet a true betrayal. While it may be in the highest good to dissolve certain bonds of misplaced loyalty or unhealthy romantic attachment, it is never in the highest good to do so with less than kindness for all involved.

As souls have evolved spiritually across the ages though multiple incarnations, the carnate experience has become lighter in texture: less dense, and more easily broken. Parts and pieces of one’s energy system are more easily spread out across personal experiences, people, places, world-wide events and more. Over time, one might be prone to feeling lost or empty, disconnected from their own values or ethics, or perhaps taking on someone else’s behaviors, attitudes or belief systems.

Great discernment is required in this age of trauma and transition. If one is to be the balm instead of the wound, one must attend to one’s own wholeness.

The simplest form of soul retrieval is this:

“May I be Whole.”

As a channel, clarity (beyond wholeness) is also required, in complete freedom from other people’s parts and pieces, which may have attached themselves to you. Therefore also ask:

“May I be Pure.”

This does not refer to a purity of flesh associated with sex, but rather with a purity of spirit associated with one’s carnate soul. As parts and pieces of other people cling to the channel through wanted and unwanted interactions and experiences, these too must be cleared out.

A clear channel stands in freedom. Attachments create filters and influences that are outside the highest good of channeling. Truth can only be delivered from a place of purity.

As you enter the realm of channeling, seek first to clear and purify yourself. The simplest things, like a daily salad at lunch, assist in clearing the body, while binge drinking on the weekends destroys all capacity for conscious connection to Source.

There is much human need and desire at this stage on Earth, for distraction and appeasement of emotions through anything that will dull the perceptions. From aspirin to televised shows, from extreme sports to sensual addictions, the body of a carnate being that feels deeply is constantly attracted to doping of one sort or another.

And so the greatest call of the times is to gather together, to gain strength in solidarity and numbers. However vast the distance, technology now allows for people to hold hands and support each other’s awakening presence on the planet.

Stay true to you, to That-Of-God-Within-You, and to the everlasting light of love on Earth.

And so it is.


Be Kind. Be Generous. Be True. And Type Away!

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