The Capacity for Love at a Time of Hate

NOTE:  I channel Sananda. The following downloaded transmission is part of a series that was transcribed during March/April 2017. They will be published here on this blog, in the order in which they were received.

~ Sunflower Mystic

Sananda Speaks:

While the Earth supports the evolution of man kind, it emanates Love.

Letting go of all human connections and attachments, and turning one’s attention instead, in complete totality, to Mother Earth, one may experience the divine and expansive love of infinite oneness, awareness and support necessary at this time of great transition.

While nations battle and politicians rise in hatred, so does too a wave of love rise to meet and dissolve all vibrations that stand in contradiction of beauty.

The experience of being a carnate soul on Earth is a blessing felt amongst all animals, plants, insects, mineral forms and yes… human beings.

Love is not a thing to be shared only between the closest of friends or chosen life partners. Love is for everyone.

For the dictators.

For the extremists.

For the confused, misaligned, traumatized and hurtful existences of so many who are in the flesh right now.

In the next hundred years, human kind transforms so deeply, and so intensely, that nothing on Earth will ever be the same.

The imperative thing about transformation and about every small or large learning curve, is that it can be done through love or through fear. In other words, it can happen through the path of ease and joy or through the path of difficulty and pain.

As a soul group, man kind has chosen the path of ease. But there are vast numbers of carnate beings who cannot and will not incarnate here on this planet again. Their journey takes them elsewhere.

The Earth herself is evolving, and the vibrations supported here will rise. Those who can rise to match, stay. While those who still struggle, as well as those who simply wish to learn and evolve through denser vibrations, choose to leave this planet and continue their incarnatory cycle in other worlds.

However, at this juncture, with vast numbers of lower vibrations still passing through the planet, there is a fine line between strife and bliss.

The pull to create war and discord is great, and so must the push to create harmony and empathy be just as great.

Love, in truth, is the answer.

As quiet as a personal meditation at sunrise or sunset, when the light surrounding the globe is best able to take such energies and spread them out over the planet, or as loud as a dance and music festival fueled by ecstasy, the vibrations of love can and must be and become the go-to expression at every turn, in every area of life.

Bring the love you wish to see in the hearts and minds of those who wrong you. Bring it with you.

How to Love at a Time of Hate

First, be patient. Both with yourself and with others. Be patient with your own struggles and shortcomings. Breathe.

When frustration strikes, be still. Take a moment to realize and recognize that love is greater and eternal. Frustration is momentary. Again, breathe.

Next, be kind. This cannot be overstated. Kindness has the power to break down barriers, dissolve enmities and bring people together. When in doubt, be kind. When feeling assailed, be kind. When offense comes up, be kind.

If you take only one mantra forth into the world, let it be this: “I am kind, gentle and complete.”

The only way to love at a time of hate is to take a moment, to take a step back, to pause, and to breathe.

Come back to your breath continuously.

If there is one thing that can carry you through the world of strife towards an existence of ease, it is your breath.

1, 2, 3. Count them.

Standing at a grocer’s line, waiting in traffic, taking a shower, walking down endless corridors, sidewalks and paths in life, count your breath.

The longer you practice, the more often you return to your breath, the easier life becomes. It seems strange, but it is true.

The breath is the sacred connection, on the physical realm, between heaven and earth. Ride it to love, to the center core of your divinity, to your true self.

Ride your breath.

Attend to it.

Notice it.

Say, “Hello, That-Of-God-Within-Me,” and count.

Pay attention to what your breath does in your body, to how it travels through channels that lead to your lungs, where it is carefully distributed to the rest of you.

Realize that your breath is your sacred union with Source.

And that the air you breathe is shared with everyone else on the planet, at every time or another.

And that breathing can become a powerful distribution of the vibration of love, from Source, through you, and out to all your fellow beings on Earth.

So be a channel of Love, even if hesitantly… even if brokenly or sporadically… even if alone. You may not see directly what your attention to your breath does to others, but know that it does affect everyone.

So when compelled to breathe fiery flames of hatred, pause. Be patient. Be kind with others and with yourself. Take a breather.

Turn to love.

Small actions can and often do become a great movement with momentum that cannot be stopped, just as small drops of water sometimes become a great tidal wave.

Let this wave be one of careful attention to love, breathing, and careful kindness.

Care is of right mind.

Hatred is false.

Be Kind. Be Generous. Be True. And Type Away!

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