How to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven While Still on Earth

NOTE:  I channel Sananda. The following downloaded transmission is part of a series that was transcribed during March/April 2017. They will be published here on this blog, in the order in which they were received.

~ Sunflower Mystic

Sananda Speaks:

This is accessible to everyone.

There are no exceptions.

If you perceive heaven, it is there. If you invite it, it arrives.

Let it be known that the great I-AM-THAT-I-AM is in EVERYONE.

No exceptions.

If you wish to see heaven on earth, to walk the path of bliss in your life in this incarnation, there are some steps you must follow:

1.  Rise early from bed. Greeting the sun is the right rhythm of life on earth, for those animals that are innately diurnal instead of nocturnal, and the human animal is one of them.

2.  Gather few possessions. Sharing and living in community is part of human genetics. Happiness and ease are best felt when the right path for living is followed.

3.  Have few children. A man and a woman are only two, and are not truly made to care for more than one or two at a time. A village can care for a village, but a small family unit can only care for a small family replacement.

4.  Care for others as you do for yourself. This may seem obvious but is yet so seldom observed. Place your own self-care first, but not above that of those around you.

5. Dine at dawn’s earliest light and again as it fades away. Break bread in community. Despite the imposed rhythms of modern life in big cities, man kind remains primarily a being that is made to be close to nature. The farming life has more to offer than the office life. Take to the land, sow, gather and live well.

6. Belittle none who choose a life different from your own. As you know not what they came into the flesh to experience, or what their karmic lessons are, bear not a grudge, a judgement or a resentment against others. Tolerate and celebrate the vast variety of human experience.

7. Sing the praises of those who do you well. If they help you, educate you, feed you or assist you in any way, raise them above your self and you too shall rise. Gratefulness bespeaks volumes of you.

8. Cradle the young and serve the poor. Those who cannot fend for themselves need both your love and your attention. But beware the ties that no longer serve the highest good. Blood kin are less bound to you than soul kin, and more so now than in the past, these two are often not the same.

9. Pleasure your senses with consciousness. The path of the body is not one to be forsaken, but one to be understood and tread carefully. It is not for diving into or abandoning oneself brashly to. It is rather for gentle wading into, each step with consciousness, breath, awareness, gratefulness, delight, joy and attention to the present moment. The human body is a temple.

10. Attend to the present moment. Forget those who are far away. Leave alone those who linger online. Turn to your fellow man or woman. Sit and see and talk to those right beside you. They are your true family. At a subway train, park, road show or any other gathering, attend each to the other. They are all your own.

The Details

While not everyone will be able to — or even want to — follow these guidelines, they remain a true arrow to the target of living heaven on earth. It is a practice, a pursuit. It is a journey, not a destination.

The wishing to be there takes you away from the being there.

Heaven is all around you. Being able to witness it is the question at hand.

First one must create an environment that is consistent and conducive to right seeing. Both the body’s internal chemistry and it’s external setting must be working together to assist the carnate soul at its task, of revealing reality to itself.

The rhythms of life — of sleeping, eating and working — affect the body in the deepest ways. The feelings of safety, connection and support do as well. Both community and the natural world affect the human animal more deeply than it understands.

So bring nature to the city, and bring a civilized comportment to nature.

As the decades unfold and trauma gives way to peaceful living, more and more opportunity exists for heaven on earth to be embraced by all.

But while this age of great transition yet unfolds, bringing heaven to earth becomes not a godsend or a reward in due time, but rather a medicinal requirement if human life on earth is to survive.

So bring it you, Light of God and carnate soul in awakened unfolding. Bring you heaven to earth around you. There are no small ways, and no great miracles… only small miracles in great waves.

This is your calling.

Attend to this moment like there is no tomorrow, and the blessings of tomorrow will shower you with Love.

Be Kind. Be Generous. Be True. And Type Away!

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