The Time for Fear and Flight is Over

NOTE:  I channel Sananda. The following downloaded transmission is part of a series that was transcribed during March/April 2017. They will be published here on this blog, in the order in which they were received.

~ Sunflower Mystic

Sananda Speaks:

Human genes, much like those of any other prey animal, include “on” and “off” switches for in-the-moment reactions such as fight or flight.

Have you ever seen an animal behave unusually in a given situation where it is expected to do one thing but instead does another?

A dog, for instance, that instead of fighting for food when it’s hungry, sits at the edge of what’s available and allows smaller animals to have a go at it first.

Or a cat that instead of running for its life during a fire, runs towards the thick of it, in order to wake its human companion.

All animals are on a path of spiritual evolution too, and their genes can also be turned on or off. It is a matter of both choice and awakening.

Can you imagine the courage to face danger with equanimity as Gandhi and his followers did so many times in India?

You may not yet be able to entertain such a thought, but you soon will. As the soul progresses it encounters the opportunity to choose how its physical body operates.

This happens on many levels, of course, but the one we approach here is the one usually relegated to what’s often referred to as man kind’s lizard brain. Operating beneath the level of conscious thought, this part of the human brain regulates instant reactions to sensory input. If these translate as threatening in some way, one flees, freezes or fights.

In today’s world, much sensory input translates as threatening but is not. A Muslim’s turban spotted in a modern western city, for instance. Or dark flesh running down a sidewalk in an elite white neighborhood. The same could be said the other way around:

A western woman in a scant summer dress walking around a Muslim village. A white man with a shaved head sauntering around a black neighborhood.

These images immediately trigger reactions within those of us who have been imprinted with ideas of what or who to fear, and why. But the question remains, how do we condemn a whole barrel of apples when only one or two are bad apples?

We cannot.

We must, with great care and compassion, rally ourselves to truth — first from within, and then, through setting a good example, we might affect our surroundings and communities with our own behavior.

And there is something on our side: genetics.

We can turn off those fight, freeze or fly responses that are written into our behavioral code. In fact, with the due process of evolution, we must. In order to be fully in control of ourselves in any and every situation, our primal brain must not be in control of us.

And when fully connected to the well of infinite knowledge that is the matrix of Source, one can — anyone can — make instant decisions for the benefit of all involved, without skipping a beat or breaking a step.

Being in the moment is, of course, key.

And so we return to breathing.

The issue of the moment, of every moment, is to breathe. To be fully embodied, fully available to the sensory reality within and without one’s body. In this way we arrive on Earth, bringing with us That-Of-Heaven-Within-Us.

Fly not, fear not, and freeze not.

Choose, instead, to be.

And in the being become all that you can be, all that you already are and have always been. In the being open and see the truth of your fellow brethren, the truth of every situation, each in its own light.

Because just as, in one out of every hundred or thousand situations, one might have to act out of self-preservation, in every other situation there will be motive to rejoice.

For there is yet love, and fear is only a thing of the past where humanity’s evolution is concerned.

Arrive, transform, and be one with all that is.

It is your task in this coming dawn of times.

The question then becomes, how does one turn one’s own genes on or off?

The turning is in the asking.

Quiet your mind, go within and ask with heart.

Release the request to the Uni-Verse and to Infinitely Divine Wisdom.

Rest in the knowing that it is given simply because it is asked well.

Receive, rejoice and experiment.

Place yourself in easy situations where your instinctive fear or desire to flee has habitually come up in the past. Then see how it sits with you in the aftermath of your quiet request, made at a time of tranquility.

If old reactions still rise up within you, then this is valuable information, for it means that you have not yet entered the realm of divine creation or godly request — the place spoken of by Jesus Christ.

Become first as a child in your heart. From purity ask, and it is given.

And if at first you fail, try, try, try again.

In the trying there is yet a building up of humility and clear seeing that develops simply because there is a yearning for the right thing. And so, with each step further along the path, one might suddenly find oneself in the very kingdom of heaven on earth, where genes can be turned on and off, and divine wishes really do come true.

Be Kind. Be Generous. Be True. And Type Away!

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