The Connection Between Human Beings in Times of Distress

NOTE:  I channel Sananda. The following downloaded transmission is part of a series that was transcribed during March/April 2017. They will be published here on this blog, in the order in which they were received.

~ Sunflower Mystic

Sananda Speaks:

In pictures both large and small — amidst families and among nations — discomfort, distress and dissimulation ramble on.

It is a sign of the times. But the gem lies in the challenge.

Great pressure is required to turn coal into diamond. And so it is too with human beings, that great pressure is required to make a rough internal structure become pristine and aglow on both the inside and the outside.

The body, with weights and levers and pulleys makes itself strong and capable at the gym or at home. Meanwhile it suffers.

The mind makes itself nimble at meditation gatherings, primary schools and business conferences. Patience, focus and analysis are learned at great cost.

So it is with the soul, that pressure of its own kind is required. Should we not be as glad for these as we are for the gyms, schools and conferences that uplift us in other ways?

Sometimes such activities are dreaded, and sometimes they are pleasurable. Any two people attending the same event may have opposite experiences, simply because they bring their own filters.

Perspective is everything.

So in these times of stress, be not distressed but look instead for the benefits of the outcome of such challenging endeavors.

Dictators fall, but the people learn immeasurably in the course of their rule. Famine wipes out entire communities, but nations come together to prevent such occurrences in the future. Governments make mistakes, and citizens take small great tasks upon themselves, to change systems from the inside out.

And so, connect with each other.

You are each other’s greatest strengths at this time. The people right around you are the ones who most need you, and whom you most can rely upon.

And if they are not close by, then they are not for you. If you feel called elsewhere, if circumstances separate you from blood relations, if your community tears apart, know this: each group gathers for its own lesson.

Theirs is not yours.

Look to the people who are immediately available to you — not simply by a matter of convenience through the magic of technology — but rather through a matter of well aligned perspectives.

If they speak your language — be this music or math, dream or philosophy, humor or vibe — then they are your people.

This does not mean that other nations, communities and groups are not also your brothers and sisters. We are truthfully all One.

But at this time of transition, as the evolution of the human soul picks up pace and gathers intention for quick unfoldment, like is attracted to like in order to more powerfully move through personal and individual lessons.

Tolerance can be learned from experiences of distrust, separation and otherness. Kindness can be learned from violence.

This is a tender topic but it is true. Images of war on television, a boat sinking on shallow waters — the inability of some to rescue or intercede creates in others a deep well of compassion.

Those who suffer most might be the ones who stay behind, living still on this planet and toiling as it transitions into higher vibrations.

Those who leave quickly might be yet free on the other side. Understand that leaving the body is merely a pass through a veil to a world unseen by physical eyes, yet ever present and always in interaction with physical beings.

We are all One… both seen and unseen.

So connect also with the guiding forces that surround you in the nonphysical realms, living as they do in spaces that overlap the tangible world of form. Call upon your divinely assigned guides, your angels and archangels, your own soul, your avatars and All-That-Is.

Be present. Be connected. Be clear and true.

With your fellow human beings be honest. Your sincerity creates bonds that carry you through every trial.

Together you are stronger.

Just be careful to engage your strength simply as becoming more true to your own Soul Self. All other beings, the vast planet over, are still all your brothers and your sisters — even should they attempt to fight you.

Fight them not.

Sit still. Lay down your anger, your resentment, your self-righteousness. These do not belong on the New Earth. But you do.

Bring with you then your core heart of love, forgiveness, kindness and compassion. Bless those who wish you harm.

That which you send forth, comes back to kiss you. So beware your words, your actions, and your thoughts.

Foremost, beware your thoughts. These are as powerful as knives.

So sit.

Gather together and sit in peaceful meditation towards expansive awareness and healing the wounds of all peoples.

Start with yourself.

Heal first your own wounds.

United, heal. And heal faster for the union, for the intention brought to peak momentum by numbers of hearts pulsing as One.

Be Kind. Be Generous. Be True. And Type Away!

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