Love and Light in a Time of War

NOTE:  I channel Sananda. The following downloaded transmission is part of a series that was transcribed during March/April 2017. They will be published here on this blog, in the order in which they were received.

~ Sunflower Mystic

Sananda Speaks:

No one knows what tomorrow brings. Even clairvoyants and precognizants can only tell what today’s timeline looks like in the future. In the next moment, a new choice, a new direction, even a slight hesitation on someone’s part might profoundly affect and alter the timeline into a different outcome… a different picture, shape or size.

This is the greatest gift and greatest burden of living in these times of transition, this most blessed time on Planet Earth: true choice and freewill.

Never before in the history of humanity has the unfolding of lives been so flexible, so free of solidity.

Once upon a time, a life on this realm was carefully planned out beforehand, with little choice afforded the carnate soul once it came into its physical body. Events happened according to plan, for the most part.

Now, one incarnates with a structured life instead of a planned one. This means that there are milestones in place, some of which can be observed, and some of which must. In between milestones, there are themes, directives or agendas, but these are only outlined, sometimes in multiple fashions each, and the real course to be followed left entirely up to the individual when they reach that particular present moment in time.

And since a great many on the planet are now experiencing life in this way, traversing one’s way through an earthling experience has become a matter of improvisation, divine connection, trust and flow. Where the latter ingredients are missing, the improvisation of life becomes a chaotic and turbulent affair of misery and setbacks.

The importance of this concept is this:

Many humans, with carefully planned lives, are exiting in great numbers over the next 100 years.

All new humans are entering with improvisational structures, so to say.

As life on Earth becomes more and more dependent on serendipities, coincidences and divine timing — as co-orchestrated, moment-by-moment, by Spirit — so does choice-making rise to the forefront.

Every choice boils down to this: love or war.

Will you align with your own truest expression when a loved one wishes to take you out to dinner but your soul deeply desires the nourishment of resting and bathing, or will you align with waging war on yourself for the sake of another’s whim?

This may sound like a small example, a petty occurrence in one’s daily life, but it isn’t. Every small choice adds itself up into the formation of a habit — which can either make or break you.

And if you, simply through lack of due diligence or through ignorance, create the habit of waging war on yourself in a myriad unseen or unnoticed ways, then there is no hope for nations.

For nations are made up of individuals, and nations can only create peace in the world when its collective vibration is one of love.

And so, make the right choice for your country, your people, and your culture.

Focus first on recognizing when you might be, even in the smallest ways, waging war on yourself. This task is made easier by meditation, first and foremost.

Then understand that communication must begin with clarity of where and how you are, internally. Learn to tell your fellow human beings how you feel, and how your choices and actions relate to your feelings.

Only in feeling right do you align yourself with love. If something feels off inside you, trust this. Investigate it. Delve into any feeling of unease or unbalance with the understanding that it can and must lead you into ease and balance.

Exploration is different from indulgence.

New discovery is different from old repetition.

Do not become more of the disfunction that habitually brings you into war with yourself. Instead, explore and discover the ways in which such disfunction arises within you, how it manifests and expresses itself, the outcomes and consequences it creates in your life and relationships.

This is your sacred task.

In these transitional times, war is never far off, because choices are many and milestones are few. Solid ground can only be found through continuous and consistent attention to right mind, right heart and right speech.

There is, of course, no incorrect mind, incorrect heart or incorrect speech.

All is choice.

But in rightness there is balance and the path of love, ease and flow. Here you may rest even as constant and continuous attention is paid to every moment, word, feeling and thought. Here you may rise in vibration and be happy.

In this way do nations too, rise and fall.

Be Kind. Be Generous. Be True. And Type Away!

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