Tentative New Beginnings for All

NOTE:  I channel Sananda. The following downloaded transmission is part of a series that was transcribed during March/April 2017. They will be published here on this blog, in the order in which they were received.

~ Sunflower Mystic

Sananda Speaks:

At this dawn of times, there are many opportunities afoot.

Challenges and obstacles aplenty, too.

But where there is a rock on one’s path, there is yet a new lesson of power, flexibility and growth to be had, if one but engages the reality of the rock.

To carve one’s way: power.

To fly one’s way: magic.

To meander one’s way around: flexibility.

To innovate, go elsewhere, return unexpectedly: growth.

To climb one’s way: power, growth, flexibility and a bit of magic.

Let’s talk about each of these.

There is a misconception many decades old, about challenges and obstacles — that they are character building, and the cause of much suffering.

As you think it, so it is.

And so think this: a rock is a part of Earthly life, an aspect of Mother Gaia, and a physical manifestation of strength to which you might match all of your most desirable qualities.

In life, a rock might be a separation or divorce, a loss of work or livelihood, a cataclysmic swell of nature, or some other unexpected force thrown at you through the course of events. Nations rise and fall, families disband, and groups get together in the name of fear.

Yet there is no force greater than Love and as the Earth rises in vibration so do all of its beings in collective unity.

The feedback of resistance is great.

And so, rocks proliferate… for a time.

During this time, take heart, rest in the assurance that God is greater than all rocks — and that in fact, God IS all rocks plus all else in existence.

So take a good look at your rocks, each one at a time, and proceed with temperate steps.

1. The Way of Power

Never underestimate the enormous capacity for strength of will that the Human Being is capable of. This includes you. Even if your soul is of non-human origin, as a carnate human you are granted every human right, including that of the will.

Decide, and the Uni-Verse gathers around your decision to leverage you on your way.

A decision is never a wishy-washy affair. It is a full-hearted, doubt-free, all-or-nothing approach that in fact never settles for nothing. It is not even an option to do so.

2. The Way of Kindness

With kindness towards oneself, breathing into the present moment and feeling into all possibilities from a place of stillness, one might find one’s way around any rock.

Creative solutions, unexpected discoveries, and incredible patience arises from this place. With compassion in one’s heart — towards both rock, path, and self — one can get anywhere one wishes to.

This kind of unconditional positive regard for situations, events, people and circumstances allows any and every human being to bridge the seemingly unbridgeable.

From a place of kindness, everything imaginable is possible. Stretching beyond one’s own limitations becomes easy, and impossible rocks become delightful pebbles.

3. The Way of Love

By engaging the rock with every ounce of Love, from every fiber of your being, you create miracles.

What is solid and impassible melts away into a nonexistent obstacle.

What is bound to the physical realm and unmovable becomes light and airy.

All things are possible in Love.

::     ::     ::

Consider for a moment a storm. This might be a very real thrush of lightning and wind threatening to blow your house down, or a teenager who brings great trouble to your parenting life. It might be an emotional realization that your life is unsustainable as it stands, or a quiet understanding that you are about to upheave all of your life’s foundations for the sake of your true soul’s calling.

Whichever your storm, consider this: choose any way forward.

The only loss is in not moving. Stagnation is the ultimate killer of all life.

So begin.

Any step in any direction assists you in clarifying the path before you.

Every moment is an opportunity for a way forward, and for a new beginning. Every rock is a beautiful gift of time and place in this creative space of Life on Earth, and every Human Being has both divine and physical potential to step forward.

Each person in their own way, at their own time, weaves their own tune.

So pick up an instrument and play.

Instinctively you will know how, even if your mind may doubt — this normally due to inadequate social programming — yet your Beingness, your Allness-of-Allness will always know how to.

If fear comes up, breathe.

If doubt arises, be still for a moment and touch into your heart’s great open space of wisdom.




Repeat until you find yourself flowing in God’s Grace.

Be Kind. Be Generous. Be True. And Type Away!

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