The Trauma of a Tree Who Is Just Like You and Me

A few weeks ago a huge thunderstorm fell out of the sky. Black clouds, fierce winds and crazy lightning created a wild world, and I hardly wanted to stand anywhere near a window.

A neighbor’s tree got struck by lightning. I heard the clap. It shook the house. It thundered in my body and minutes later my ears still had a faint ringing sound. That tree lost one of its largest branches.

I watched as it smoked and burned despite the rain. I wondered if I could — if I might be able to — do anything for it. So I tuned into the tree, in order to try to communicate with it. I touched it’s energy field and BOOM.

I was immediately swept into its intense trauma. Energetically, the tree was shaking uncontrollably. It had no clear understanding of what had just happened, let alone anything coherent to communicate. It was in shock — beyond pain, but yes in pain — beyond cognition, but yes in raw awareness of itself.

In a moment of realization, my heart went out to that tree, standing solitary in its suffering in the middle of a storm.

I recognized that for trees, losing a branch with that kind of violence is just as traumatic as it for a human being to lose a limb.

I prayed for that tree.

I prayed for it several times that evening.

You see, I’ve got a history of communicating with trees, and they are not always easy to connect with. They’ve got super strong auras, and often very little interest in human beings. We are to them as bugs are to us… often a nuisance, mostly irrelevant, and sometimes harmful in their full-blown ignorance of just being themselves.

Never, EVER have I received the full state of being of a tree the very instant I reached out to it… normally, it takes some patience and a bit (or quite a lot) of work. Younger trees are more open and easier to communicate with.

But this was not a young tree.

It was an adult living being, in shock and in need of care.

::     ::     ::

The very next day, after the storm, I witnessed how the tree was treated. It broke my heart to see how (most) people handle trees… as if they are just a thing… as if they have no feelings or physical sensations at all.

Let me just say that I look forward to the time when human beings at large start treating plants with kindness and awareness. I look forward to when a broken tree branch is treated with the same degree of care as a broken human bone.

Is that too far in the future?




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