I occupy time and space, but I also live in other dimensions.

I am a seer, shaman and spiritual medium.

My life is simple, but very focused on how the subtle meets the physical, how God manifests on Earth, and how Spirit graces the body.

In the end, it’s all the same thing.

As above, so below.

I’m here to connect the dots.

Oneness and duality are two sides of the same coin.

The great mystery of life is that we are both physical and spiritual beings.

In the world of form, in this body that is my vessel, I went through many trials, difficulties and challenges.

I overcame them, and I continue to overcome them.

I understand what it is to hit rock bottom, to wade through the mud of life, or to nurse one’s own wounds.

I also understand what it means to be one with the ever-present Creative Force of All Life — in other words, how to live a blessed life of grace, soulful nourishment and divine flow.

I can show you how to shift from stumble to flight, from the edge of despair to the blossom of hope, from lack of vision to foresight, from clasping to generosity, from hiding to showing up.

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In service to the planet,