Spiritual Services

Philosophy & Mission

The purpose of every service I offer is to help you evolve and unwind in the physical domain, becoming a clearer expression of your own Soul and Higher Self.

When mental, emotional, etheric, psychic and spiritual blocks are dissolved or removed, life works better. Things flow.

I work in the subtle realms of spirit, energy and thought-forms. Please know that only what is within the highest good of all and harm none is ever done in any of my work. This  rule is steadfast.

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I offer two basic services at the moment. They encompass a lot of areas, but occur in two simple packages:

One-Time Convo  ($100)

This is a 45-minute intervention where we address what is most needed, within a combination of:

  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Intuitive Reading
  • Energy Clearing
  • Messages from Spirit
  • Spiritual Homework

One-Time Convos include a 15-minute follow-up via email or text messaging, one or two weeks after our live video session.

Three-Month Inclusive

This is a package deal for deeper work. It includes seven biweekly meetings lasting 60 – 90 minutes each, where we find and maintain a primary directive, according to your own Soul’s Blueprint for your life on Earth or mission on the planet at this time.

This service includes what is offered in One-Time Convos, with the addition of:

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Akashic Records Work
  • Spiritual Life Coaching
  • My Signature System

We communicate via text messaging and/or email once (or twice) a week — depending on whether it’s a live video session week or a “homework” week.

I believe in learning by doing and empowerment through action, so during our process I will share with you the tools and techniques that are most suitable for you personally, in your own particular journey, according to Spirit and Higher Guidance.